Turbulent Youth

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Young people in two different cultural projects:

1. "Let's dance! Der Feuervogel" (The Fire bird) is a collaboration of two choreographers, Josef Eder and Roysten Maldoom, working with young people of Dresden in the context of the Dresden Music Festival 2010.
About a hundred students from various local schools learned to master the highly demanding choreography within five weeks to ending with performances accompanied by the MDR Symphony Orchestra at the Messehalle Dresden. The photos were taken during the last 2 days of rehearsals and at the premiere.

2. In 2010, the theatre project of the Theatre Total Bochum based on a Persian Epic by Fariddadin Attar, "Die Konferenz der Voegel" (The Conference of the birds). For many years now this remarkable project is offering young people a chance to meet with skilled artists, to try out a wide range of creative professions and to expand their experiences and skills.
Under the artistic direction of Barbara Wollrath - Kramer 30 young adults stage a theater piece, improve their stage appearance and organize a tour to perform in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The pictures were taken immediately before and during a performance in Bochum.